49 99 The budget called for more than 100,000 costumes and 1,000 suits of armor to be made, for the hiring of 10,000 extras, and the procurement of hundreds of camels, donkeys, horses, and sheep.
Gates, Phyllis (July 14, 1988).
Outside of North America, frau sucht reichen mann ceo antwortet it earned.5 million in rentals (about.2 million at the box office) for a worldwide total.1 million in rental earnings, roughly equivalent to 146.9 million in box office receipts.
Ben-Hur appeared at #72 on the 100 Movies, #49 on the 100 Thrills, #21 on the Film Scores, #56 on the 100 Cheers and #2 on the AFI's 10 Top 10 Epic film lists.In der Schlacht wird die Galeere versenkt.98 By the end of the production more than 1,000,000 pounds (450,000 kg) of plaster and 40,000 cubic feet (1,100 m3) of lumber were used.Surtess und Miklos Rosza für den Soundtrack.Heston, an experienced horseman, took daily three-hour lessons in chariot driving after he arrived in Rome and picked up the skill quickly.Esther loves Judah, but is committed to another.Segrave, Kerry (January 1, 1999).Sam Jaffe, cathy O'Donnell, finlay Currie, frank Thring.Ben Hur in der Internet Movie Database, abgerufen.The Tunberg script had Ben-Hur and Messala reuniting and falling out in a single scene.
97 98 The racetrack featured 1,500-foot (460 m) long straights and five-story-high grandstands.
96 Cinecittà Studios, a very large motion picture production facility constructed in 1937 on the outskirts of Rome, was identified early on as the primary shooting location.
They are rescued, and Arrius is credited with the Roman fleet's victory.Pilatus, der eigentlich nach Alexandria wollte, kann seinem neuen Amt nichts Gutes abgewinnen."Movie Finances Are No Longer Hidden From Scrutiny".Zabern, Mainz 2004, isbn.A b c d Herman,.Hall and Neale,."Home Video: Old Favorites in a New Format." The New York Times.