This type of agents presents themselves as ordinary housewives.
According to the Chapter VI Offences Against Individual Liberty, Honour and Dignity, the Article 135, Recruitment of people for exploitation states, "recruitment of people for the purpose of sexual or other exploitation, committed through deception, shall be punishable." The state of Uzbekistan has given signature.
Some of the women have seen other Uzbek women, who went to work in foreign countries and returned home with wealth and fortune.
In the case of possessing the fake visa, a escort castione four to six months jail term will be applied.They were arrested in front of Grace Hotel, Soi 3, Sukhumvit Rd, Wattana, Bangkok.Her mother died in 2000, leaving her father, a builder, to care for his four children.So to raise money to pay the debt, the suspects transported.She had to comply with his order but after working for 4 months, Elena became an old face for customers, then the papa san sent her back home for exchanging of the new Uzbek women.Factors contributing to migration, according to the information gathered from the group discussions in the IDC, factors pushing women to migrate to Thailand and other countries can be summarized as follows: 1) Unemployment, insufficient income and family burden.They wish to have a baby in Thailand because they believe that having a child may give them a better status.The Uzbek Consulate Office in Bangkok will issue temporary travel document.She is determined to express how much her life has improved since Bangkok.As in a case of Lena who had already worked six months for a papa san as a show girl, when she decided to quit since she was not able to save any money from the work.They agreed to meet at another hotel so she could pretend that she was going to see a client and from there they took a taxi to a safe house.
If the women cannot get help from anyone including their family at home, they have to join a long waiting list of the NGOs in the IDC who are arranging for the return trip of detainees.
One victim told police that she had been promised a restaurant job in Russia.
The women will be under the control of the mama/papa san, until they have paid off their debt ranging from US 500-2,000.A visa enabling women to legally enter and stay in the country is another problem for them.Studying the figure of these migrant women, it clearly shows that the number has rapidly grown from 2,595 in 1999 to 5,017 in 2000.The woman forced her to work as a prostitute on the streets of Bangkok."She only had the clothes on her back and a small notebook where she had written the amounts paid to her trafficker, more than 10,000 by that time.".The participants had been staying in Thailand ranging from 10 days to 5 years, the average of 5 months-1year with age between 19-30 years old or average of 21-25 years old.3) Lack of opportunities to get employment and job security.The suspect provided her with an air ticket to Thailand.