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Proliferation of pbmcs from both animals to WHcAg and WHcAg-derived peptides by in vitro assays was low.
Mice were immunized thrice with 100 g of plasmid pWHcIm or control at 3-week intervals.Four weeks after the last vaccination, escort service bettina wulff woodchucks were challenged with an inoculum containing 104 or 105 WHV genome equivalents.Disable Cookies, i accept.These facts indicate that WHcAg was synthesized at a minimal level in pWHsIm-vaccinated woodchucks.The woodchuck model is informative in the study of immune response induced by vaccines and virus challenge.We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience.Anti-WHcAg response in pWHcIm-immunized mice.WHsAg and WHV DNA were not detected in peripheral blood in the follow-up period of 14 weeks.The standard deviations of the means were less than 30 of the mean (range, 15 to 50).Anti-WHcAg develops in woodchucks during the early phase of a primary WHV infection and persists lifelong.
The dose of 100 g of plasmids was not sufficient to induce anti-WHcAg in woodchucks.
In the second week, pbmcs from WH8899 responded to WHsAg-derived peptides S142-161 and S235-243.
Neither woodchuck developed any signs of WHV infection.Briefly, mice were pretreated by intramuscular injection of 50 l of cardiotoxin (10 M) into musculus tibialis anterior.WHcAg-specific pbmc proliferation was at least measurable in some vaccinated woodchucks.Upon an additional vaccination with HBsAg ( 11 ) or a challenge with HBV ( 47 an anamnestic anti-HBsAg developed in these chimpanzees.The expressed WHcAg and WHsAg were detected by immunofluorescence staining with rabbit antisera to respective WHV antigens.Titers of anti-WHcAg in sera from WHV-infected woodchucks and WHcAg-vaccinated woodchucks ranged between 1:104 and 1:106.