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Post by JSH Mathematical proof is defended by real mathematicians.
Post by JSH You sexkontakte ohne bezahlung can be right and the entire world be wrong.
Post by JSH, they just don't care if they're wrong-if they are paid.
Your definition is crap.Yes, you are a pretender.snip rest of whiny attention seeking dumbass troll w NPD drivel Post by JSH James Harris.Wrong, not right, but correct.Post by JSH, people can line up for days to claim you are wrong.Wrong, they like math because it it interesting.Real math students know that anyway.Seems like you know very little of math and proofs.Post by JSH Oprah can do a special on your stupidity.Paying a person to be wrong, and to fight the truth rather than discover.Post by JSH, the entire world can hate you.
People can get on talk shows and talk about what an idiot you are.
Some accompagnatrici escort roma of you are those kind of people.
Post by JSH, you don't give a damn if your mathematics is wrong if people think it's right as belief is what you want, not correctness."defended" is not needed, again you show little familiarity of math Post by JSH Everyone else who doesn't defend its value claiming to be a "mathematician" is a pretender.YOU think that, because You do that, Cheat.You should write her, but Jerry Springer would be better, (do you have a miget gay smoking wife beater friend?) Post by JSH But if you have a mathematical proof you are right.Post by JSH, rEAL world though, there are people in this world who will take the money for doing something that is wrong.Or have an interest in whether or not you waste your life and energy doing nothing that is correct.Post by JSH For the true math students that is part of the appeal of the field, and why they fight for mathematical proof.You dont dwell with "real" math, or "pure" math at all, You are into "phony" math, or "troll" math, or "monkey" math.