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This monkey turned out to be the art shop owner's pet - lucky for Addie since it bit her when she tried to retrieve her water bottle.
It doesn't do Senegal or the people justice, and definitely lacks compared to actually going to Senegal.
It was next to the pen for the sheep.
The monkey searches for the goods He goes for more than Addie wants him to get, so she lets him have her water bottle: With his sharp teeth, he easily pierces Addie's bottle.A new hotel going in, near this wonderful beach.Notice the wooden box on the left behind the tree.Cell phones are also quite common in Senegal; many people have them.A colorful mini-bus executing a passing maneuver past our pickup.I would wager that lacking the financial resources to pay for internet access was (and is) a problem, though.Related charts / graphs, you Might Also Like Our Friends' Posts.We headed to downtown Dakar, via taxi.
A picture of traffic, out the front window of our sept-place.
So much of their culture and their society revolves around the home and family, that a visit simply to "see the sights" is not really much of a visit.We touched down in Senegal, where I was greeted by 35C and 80 humidity.Not only does Senegal have amazing beaches, but the water is fairly warm and the people are even more friendly and open than in Dakar.Even more hilarious was when the French tourists were being generally rowdy, and the guide had to tell them to stop being so rowdy, or he would leave.The experience of many sex workers in much of Africa is very negative, due to widespread criminalisation of sex work, discrimination, stigma, violence against sex workers, and poor health-care systems.I did, however, take some photographs of the neighborhood kids, and one baptism which I later found out I should not photograph.We spent some time with Addie's host family, and went into Dakar for a bit.Whether they do, or simply work "illegally" is anyone's huren abkürzungen guess.I took photographs along the way, and I also took some on the way to Bandia.Frenchmen playing football with the locals The following day, we went to the local wild animal park and rode around in a pickup to see some wildlife.

None of the "silly" safety precautions were observed when filling the tank: engine on, cellphone on, etc.