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Read 1/03: Grandmothers of Chicagos Restorative Justice ford escort express tuning Movement Restorative justice, a mediation technique that uses peace circles to help people resolve disputes, is practiced in Chicago schools and has become increasingly popular in youth organizations.
This fall, its taken its first step into the criminal justice system with the opening of the Restorative Justice Community Court in North Lawndale.If you are married and just made it through the festive period then you might want to keep a low profile tonight.Read 2/06: Loss of alimony tax break in GOP bill may add to the financial pain of divorce.Read 5/01: Man accused of kicking child at playground seeks mediation.Circuit Courts are looking at mediation to help husbands and wives going through a divorce make their own division of property outside of the court system.Here are the eight signs that mediation might not be right for you.There is, however, an alternative.Read Show next 25 News.
Many matrimonial attorneys will take on divorce mediation cases and agree to act in the capacity of divorce mediator.Read 5/22: Mediators Institute hits out at misleading media coverage of mediation.Read 9/28: Empirical Research on Mediation Techniques Can Be Useful in Vetting Attorneys and Mediators People often complain that they dont know how to properly vet attorneys.However, mediation can be very helpful at any stage of a conflict.Here are the top 10 things to consider before filing for divorce.