Due to the stench of many of the ingredients used in cosmetics at the time, women often drenched themselves in copious amounts of perfume.
A view of the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome's EUR district.
Cosmetics, and especially their overuse, were commonly associated with prostitutes, both being regarded as immoral and seductive.
Carlo Verdone is among those who have come out against : Because it aims to regulate an eternal problem, and because it is at base an ethical error, because it admits that the female body can be put on sale.Life Risky Playgrounds Are Making a Comeback The modern playground has become mind-numbingly standard-issue.The neighborhood isnt being set up as a center for street prostitution.Aug 6, 2018 Next Story in Life ».Besides the odour molecules radiated from their bodies, their status in the social ladder was also considered as "foul smelling which meant that a metaphorical olfactory label was attached to their invisible.d.s.I may be old and I am naive, but I cannot accept such a thing.Another question: Will it ever start?And why wouldn't he be?The reaction of local residents seems to be predictably mixed.
"There are streets for transvestites, streets for very young girls, streets for male prostitution.
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Courtesans were not described as "foul smelling" as the prostitutes were, but rather "faintingly sweet" or "dangerously poisonous".Renzo Pianos own conversion of the former sextreff silbersee ministry of finance remains unfinished, while LunEur, Romes old amusement park, remains derelict despite grand proposals being floated for its future.State bodies have obstructed this partly because taking their money might look like abetting their trade.It may well be no coincidence that the bankruptcy threat and the tolerance zone plans have arrived at the same time."EUR is already the city's red light district with more than 20 streets under siege day and night, local Cristina Lattanzi told La Repubblica. .Francesco Rutelli has highlighted how the zone could quickly become Kafkaesque: What would City Hall do?Just at the moment when the decline in EURs fortunes thanks to state mismanagement reaches its nadir, in rides the very same state promising to clean up the area.The rot set in about a decade ago, around the time that Renzo Piano was commissioned to design a new master plan for the area.In 2008, Romes then-Mayor Gianni Alemanno (Rome seems to run through mayors pretty quickly) tried to introduce a ludicrous ban on miniskirts."When Flora, through the practice of prostitution, had come into great wealth, she made the people her heir, and bequeathed a certain fund, the income of which was to be used to celebrate her birthday by the exhibition of the games they call the Floralia".

In a city that has an embarrassment of beautiful old buildings, EUR developed an unusual specialtyhigh spec modern apartmentsthat transformed it into one of Romes more upscale places to live.
Worst of all is the fiasco of the New Congress Center, commonly called the Cloud due to its nebulous central pod.
The proposed zone would be located in one of Romes strangest and most distinctive neighborhoods, a place that has been beset with controversy long before the current plans were hatched.