If the price is still missing in the 3rd month, the price collector is obliged to select a replacement.
Hicp: Weights for hicp are constructed according to the requirements of Commission Regulation (EU) No 1114/2010 1 and Commission Regulation (EU) No 1688/98.Only consenting adults are authorized beyond this page.The main source of information concerning the expenditures is the household budget survey in the country.Weights are reviewed and updated annually based on NA and HBS results and on other data sources.Weights are price-updated to December 2017 for ensuring of the common base period of the index.Treatment of price reductions Seasonal sales, other sales prices and reduced prices (e.g.National accounts are the main source of data for construction of the hicp weights at the highest levels of aggregation.You have read this agreement, understood it and agree to be bound.
Treatment of seasonal products: The seasonal products are treated according to the requirements of the Commission Regulation (EC) N 330/2009.
Weights are expressed as a part of the total expenditures of all goods and services within the scope of the index.In bauer sucht frau neue staffel start constructing of the weights for hicp, data from NA are adapted as follows: From the, hfmce - domestic concept, as resulting from national accounts, are excluded : Own final consumption (to the extent that it forms part of hfce and does not involve monetary transactions) .Pisb: Data for final monetary consumption expenditures of the 20 of the households with the lowest income are used as statistical weights for the pisb calculations.Newly significant good and services are introduced at the end of each year (in December) during the annual revisions of consumer basket.If you are a minor (under the age of 18 years or 21 years where 18 isn't the legal age of majority if sexually explicit material offends you or if it's illegal to view such material in your community, you must leave this site.Hicp weights reflect the structure of the final monetary consumption expenditures of the households (hfmce) - domestic concept.Treatment of the missing observations and replacements.This index in year t is calculated with the weights of year t-1.Computation of the high hierarchical level indices and of the total index: The Laspeyres formula is used in the compilation of the high-level indices and of the total index - weighted average of the indices and the corresponding weights.