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Zambia edit Main article: Prostitution in Zambia Prostitution in Zambia is legal 11 4 and common.
Office of escort girl palermo the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
"Legalising prostitution will benefit the rich".
11 Botswana has made proposals to make prostitution legal to prevent the spread of aids.215 Away from the coast, prostitution mainly takes place in bars.As China moves into Africabuilding highways and stadiums, striking oil deals, and opening special economic zonespractitioners of the worlds oldest profession have followed, catering to both Chinese expatriates and locals.4 63 Related activities such as soliciting, procuring, living off the earnings of prostitution or keeping a brothel are prohibited.In Cameroon, Chinese prostitutes now compete with local women all along the price spectrumfrom 50 at upscale brothels to a thousand francs (1.75) on street corners.Retrieved 14 September 2015.16 Human trafficking and Child prostitution is a problem in the country.Morocco's increasing reputation for attracting foreign pedophiles made it sign various international treaties to deal with the problem.
In states where prostitution is outlawed, these contradictions were also manifest.
148 4 Since the "Popular Revolution" in 1973, 149 laws based on Sharia law 's zina 150 are used against prostitutes; the punishment can be 100 lashes.4 Sex trafficking is a problem in the country.Many women engage in prostitution due to poverty.Zimbabwe edit Main article: Prostitution in Zimbabwe Prostitution in Zimbabwe and related acts, including solicitation, procuring, and keeping a brothel, are illegal 132 133 but thriving.For instance, in the state of Indiana, people on the streets stated that prostitution was against the law."Country Reports on Human Rights Practices".

Mauritius edit Prostitution in Mauritius is illegal 4 but practised in parts of Port Louis and other towns.