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Possibly related was the word cunny kni, with the same meaning, at Wiltshire.
Creative works with that phrase as a 8 staffel bauer sucht frau title include a play by Ronald Harwood, the second album by hip hop group FannyPack, a 2013 independent film by Drew Tobia, a song by deathcore band The Acacia Strain on their 2006 album The Dead Walk,.
Sometimes this could take the form of exaltation, bringing to mind Erica escort ladies in frankfurt Jongs observation that women are the only exploited group in history to have been idealized into powerlessness.39 Usage: modern As a term of abuse Merriam-Webster states it is a "usually disparaging and obscene" term for a woman, 1 and that it is an "offensive way to refer to a woman" in the United States."Cunt: A Declaration of Independence".They cry, like poulterers' wives, 'No money, no coney.US) (colloquial) buttocks (UK usu."brace: definition of brace in Oxford dictionary (American English.(UK: trolley ) cartridge (primarily related to video games ) casket (n.) a small box, as for jewels, particularly an antique The type of coffin with upholstery and a half-open lid, any coffin casualty (person) often, someone who has sexkontakt com been wounded; hence casualty department (US.
A two-seater couch lox liquid oxygen (engineering) thin-sliced smoked salmon, commonly consumed on bagels ; Yiddish from German 'Lachs salmon.Hashish Hash (food), beef and other ingredients mashed together into a coarse paste herb culinary or medicinal herb, leaves of plants used to flavour food or treat ailments any herbaceous plant highway (chiefly in official use) public road; see Highway Code ( highway robbery ).74 David Valentine, Imagining Transgender: An Ethnography of a Category, Duke University Press,.Refuse to testify against oneself in an incriminating manner filth ( the filth ) the police (derogatory slang) dirt, disgusting substance obscene material first degree the least serious category of burn (see article ) the most serious category of a crime; of murder, carries.49 In this sense, it may be modified by a positive qualifier (funny, clever, etc.).141 The Dictionary of Sea Terms, found within Dana's 1841 maritime compendium The Seaman's Friend, defines the word cuntline as "the space between the bilges of two casks, stowed side by side.Retrieved "Commentary on Joyce".81 "Want to know how to curse like a proper American?64 Mellors, the gamekeeper and eponymous lover, tries delicately to explain the definition of the word to Lady Constance Chatterley: "If your sister there comes ter me for a bit o' cunt an' tenderness, she knows what she's after." The novel was the subject.