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Here it assures the reader that the evidence explored in the report (section.2) shows this.
The Lancet paper written by Prof Nutt, Dr King and Dr Lawrence Phillips, does not examine the harm caused to users by taking more than one drug at a time.Confusingly, whilst this is escort cosworth motor the BLFs second special report on cannabis, they have never dedicated a special report to tobacco, which causes the vast majority of lung cancer deaths and many other lung conditions.Alcohol is more harmful than heroin or crack when the overall dangers to the individual and society are considered, according to a study in the Lancet.'Extraordinary lengths prof Nutt told the BBC: "Overall, alcohol is the most harmful drug because it's so widely used.They then dubiously interpret the study as suggesting that a joint is as carcinogenic as 20 cigarettes.Who here is being factual, and who is being prejudiced?
Then, as now, the BLF received news coverage as if they had made a breakthrough just through publishing a survey and a report of evidence.
This has no legal status and does not lead to a criminal record.
Though I trust it wont be there long, this shows how easily misinformation can gain the stamp of truth.Its worth noting that these studies are of limited value as they looked at relatively small numbers of people and didnt take into consideration the quantity of cannabis smoked or the effects of smoking a mixture of tobacco and cannabis.Value of Treatment (VoT) project and the call for National Brain Plans, to be coordinated under an EU-wide plan.This is most striking in the case of the lung cancer claim that tops the press release, gimme that nutt instrumental that a cannabis joint is 20 times as carcinogenic as a cigarette.Christopher Snowdon has written a blog post on just why this interpretation is wrong.

(a thorough scientific rebuttal of which can be found here ).
This claim about the 20-fold cancer risk is prominent in the introductory background information section of the BLFs report.
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