marilyn monroe was a prostitute

Her increasingly erratic behaviour had turned her from a trophy blonde to an outright liability.
It was at one of their parties that she first met the Kennedy brothers.It was hard to be black.And then in 1953, the year that picture was released, word was passed in Los Angeles that Otto Preminger was looking for someone to take on what was probably the splashiest part Hollywood had ever offered a black actress the lead role in Premingers all-black.So it seems after all that the death of the most famous woman on the planet might well have been a simple, tragic accident caused by the people Marilyn most relied.Ive even seen you walking down Fifth Avenue, with a red coat flying.What classified information could she alone possibly have that no one else had access to?
Might the governments fear of the headline I slept with the President by Marilyn Monroe have led to her assassination when the chorus of replies would probably have been: Really.
Milner who had attended the autopsy and who was privy to all the facts surrounding her mysterious death was furious.Eunice Murray would certainly wish to stay quiet, as it would have been she who administered the fatal dose.I said, Hey, these people are so stupid, they only know what they see, Mills says.Marilyn had become increasingly dependent on Dr Greenson and she consulted him constantly about her troubled love life that, by this time, had included relationships with both Kennedy brothers, Frank Sinatra, baseball star Joe DiMaggio, playwright Arthur Miller and scientist Albert Einstein.She was a quick study.Instead I think the biggest clue lies in a comment alleged to have been made the rise of the nutters stream on the night of Marilyn Monroes nutten korbach death, by Dr Greenson: God damn it, he has given her a prescription I didnt know about.

She then hung.