making of ben hur

Once again filming was delayed.
31 Writing edit Wyler, like Zimbalist, was also unhappy with the prostitution in weimar republic script.
For establishing shots, they planned to show vast lines of marching Roman troops and sailing ships, immense architectural structures lined with thousands of extras, expansive landscapes, and action which moved across the screen.
36 Art directors William.27 Yet, production was due to start, the studio said, in March 1958.407 Canutt and Drake,. .But at least one source puts the value of each lens at 250,000.Sony Music reissued the first two of the three-LP 1959 recording (along with selections from the film's actual soundtrack) as a two- CD set in 1991.A b c Dunning,.Parish, James Robert; Mank, Gregory.; Picchiarini, Richard (January 1, 1981).25 Zimbalist showed Wyler some preliminary storyboards for the chariot race and informed him that MGM would be willing to spend up to 10 million, and as a result Wyler began to express an interest in the picture.A b Kaplan,.
27 Wyler did not formally agree to direct the film until September 1957, 26 and MGM did not announce his hiring until January 3, 1958.136 One of the most notable moments in the race came from a near-fatal accident.75 The role of Jesus was played by Claude Heater, who was uncredited for the role.Juda udaje się do miasta trędowatych i odkrywa, że Estera znała prawdę o chorobie kobiet.12 Because both Boyd and Heston had blue eyes, Wyler had Boyd outfitted with brown contact lenses as a way of contrasting the two men.