Machines support assistive training allowing passive mobilization of arms and legs.
Adjustments of HUR machines can be made without getting off the machine and range limiters provide additional safety by reducing risk of injury.HUR Easy Access machines are a sex dating part of the HUR Premium Line and based on an open U-shaped design which allows independent training for wheelchair users, those with the mobility and special needs, for example, spinal rehabilitation patients. .Since using the HUR equipment I have better balance, strength and stamina.Did you know that 46 of 80 year olds cant lift more than 5 kg?HUR oferuje sprawdzony plan treningowy obejmujący ćwiczenia dla seniorów, rehabilitację oraz elementy odnowy biologicznej.Competitive Edge for Health Clubs Gyms via Automated Fitness Equipment.Find out more about, hUR Rehabilitation and Medical cases.
HUR's Easy Access Line is an equipment range targeted to meet the needs of wheelchair users with special features of rehabilitation equipment.
The result is a safer, more effective exercise for a wider range of people from mainstream exerciser to elite athletes, seniors, children and disabled.The resistance can start from zero and be adjusted 'steplessly' upwards.These advanced computerized machines are based on air-resistance for safety and user friendly providing a very efficient method of training."Weve had a 75 increase in residents using the fitness center!When I tour potential residents and their families, having a well-equipped wellness center that produces amazing results makes a big difference and helps set our community apart from the competition.".