She was a cleaning lady at Wesley College, an Irish boarding school.
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But currently, after being forcefully retired, he is simply a night-shift Internet cafe manager, something his ex-teammates mock him for.BlackStar is a bottom-ranked student because he spends all his schoolwork love sex and dating andy time on training instead, but his innate assassin abilities and soul wavelength (and his constant drive for self-improvement) makes him more powerful than Maka.In this case, everyone knows.However, she ends up being one of the most powerful Claymores through pure gumption and determinator and becomes capable of taking on and winning against Claymores ranked in the top.Monster Cereals Commercial, w/ Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Boo Berry, Fruit Brute even Yummy Mummy.Hood - Dishonest Abe / Blackbeard, Warm Heart - Ludwig van Bone-Crusher - Tea Time For Time Squad - If It's Wright, It's Wrong - Recruitment Ad - Killing Time - Big Al's Big Secret - Larry Upgrade - Betsy Ross Flies Her Freak Flag.In Rosario Vampire, the bus driver appears to be far more knowledgeable and respected by the other staff than one might expect.An Israeli satire show once did a famous sketch whose concept is "what would happen if Superman was Israeli, and serving in the IDF?".Oddworld : Meet Abe, meat packing slave and former Employee of the Year turned savior of the Mudokon race (well, maybe ).Not that losing it stopped him at all.