Also, be aware that once you have rescued the prisoner, if the lord is defeated again the quest will be cancelled and you cannot collect your reward.
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There are many ways to receive quests in game, with a total of 55 to choose from throughout the world.
She will be stuck in your party until you find some way to get rid of her, for example: get imprisoned (you cannot disband her).Bug- (fixed in latest patch) If you do NOT complete the quest within the time frame, the "Bandits Awaiting Ransom" will not disappear allowing you to rescue the girl, but NOT take her back.Guild Masters Edit The Guild Masters stand around in towns in various locations.Note: once you've completed this quest, the time limit is removed.Go collect your reward (usually 300 model escort hamburg denars but if you refuse to accept the money, you'll gain honor.Others Edit Help townsperson: Within a town center, talking to random townspeople will sometimes yield an unemployed one who asks you for 300 denars to help, especially if the town is poor.Capturing a lord is very difficult, as he will usually escape when defeated.Gun Mage Trainer MP Heal Over Time 75 Restores a small amount of MP every few turns.Join an assault: Your marshall asks you to join an assault of a town or a castle.Gun Mage Songstress Darktouch 60 Inflicts Darkness when attacking physically.

Simple and quite rewarding.
The reward for completing this quest is quite a bit higher than any of the other quests: 4000 experience and 12,000 denars, an improvement in your relation (5) with the quest-giving town, and a small increase in renown.
It is obtained in the.