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Cavebot, in order to make set automated walking/Cavebot, you will have to first press.
Use UH if you lost HP auto 500 uhpc 70 self, use a ultimate health potion if your hp goes under 0 lists utito say utito tempo wait 200 say utito tempo.
Knight Support Utito Tempo auto 9000 say utito tempo Utani hur auto 250 haste Utani tempo hur auto 250 charge Mlvl Training auto 250 say utito tempo Buy Mana Potions auto 90000 listas Buy Mana npcsay Hi wait 1000 npcsay Trade wait 1000 buyitems 268.Then you simply walk your character to one spot, and then press.Note: In order to start a programm as Administrator, simply right click on it and the option should be shown.Hur ' isnotattacking stronghaste, tira, exori, frigo Cuando Se Le Acaban Las Sd: auto 200 listas 'shooter' if itemcount.'sudden death rune' 1 target.Posz 3492 dropitemsxyzamount posx posy posz ifnot topitem.Target must be reachable: Ignore creatures, that you cannot reiche manner suchen frau furs leben walk.Continue this step, until you did it all over the spot/cave, you want your character.Exe that should be on your desktop.Cavebot at the main menu, a new window will open: First you will have to enter the place, where you want your character to walk.Pally: auto 200 haste, say Utani, hur if you lost it/get paralyzed auto 100 isattacking say exori con/san, exori.By doing that, it will loot the item in any open Backpack of yours.
Da Follow Siempre A Al Player Que Pongas: auto 100 isnottargeting if me!
This way elfbot will always open a backpack inside your backpack.Note: On default, Elfbot should be installed at something like this: C:Program Files (x86)ElfBot bordel перевод с французского NG, after opening both files, it should look something like this: Now rtl programm heute bauer sucht frau simply press on "Crack It!" and it should open Tibia and Elfbot.AddScripts In order to add Scripts to Elfbot, you will have to press on Hotkeys at the main menu After that a new window will open.Gran, mas Frigo se Auto Reconecta Y Dice!bless: auto 100 ifnot connected reconnect wait 6000 say '!bless'.0 setattackmode 'defensive' 'stand' attack useoncreature ID break Se Echa Mana Potion Al 70: auto 200 dontlist listas 'Mana Potion' if mppc 70 mana self auto 200 dontlist listas 'Strong Mana' if mppc 70 smana self auto 200 dontlist listas 'Great Mana' if mppc.Alerts On the bottom near the middle you can see a small window, named alerts.Rating is available when the video has been rented.

If you want to attack all creatures, simply type Others as Monstername.
After that run the file "ElfCrack.
Dice Cuantos Players Tiene En La Pantalla: auto 20000 listas 'Players On Screen' say ' Players Aqui playersaround.20  by Adrian ;B Encanta El Rainbow Shield: auto 200 listas 'Rainbow Enchant' if itemcount.8077 1 useoninventoryitem Hace Utevo Res Ina "Name: auto 12000  listas 'Manowar' setcolor say.