My only real complaint with the action was that the top lever occasionally swung back to the closed position when the gun was open.
It was even on par with some of the popular over-unders you'd see in ich suche eine frau aus polen the 2,000 price range.
But on outgoing and quartering-away targets, which are more like what this gun would be used for in the field, it was quick and steady to the target and is a natural shooter.The gun locks closed with a steel slab in the bottom of the action.This feature is not available right now.Final Thoughts, at less than 7 pounds, this gun isn't too heavy to carry afield but is too light for high-volume shooting, in my opinion.For occasional clay target shooting or hot dove shooting, I like this feature.Barrel selection can only be made when the gun is on safe.
By the time I sent it back to Mossberg, the trigger was one of my favorite features.
If you buy one, give it a little break-in time to grow on you.
This doesn't look great, but it does allow the user to ID the choke when installed, which is a nice feature.I gave it a good workout by shooting some quartering-away targets, then following up each initial shot by shooting a piece of the broken target as fast as I could with the second barrel.And the threads were cut into the muzzle end, instead of the bottom end, of the choke tubes with two small notches removed from the tubes for getting purchase with the wrench.The stock also features a height adjustable comb and three stock adjustment shims to fine tune your sight picture.Although the gun opened and closed without too much resistance out of the box, I felt the action locked up good and tight.The gun shipped with five flush-mount choke tubes, a wrench and a small plastic choke tube case.Comments, my Grandfather's and Mine.