1 January 17 8 14 Karachi, Pakistan A powerful explosive device detonated in front of a sugarcane juice shop in Karachi.
The blast comes only one day after loyalist paramilitaries threatened to end their ceasefire if attacks on Protestant homes were not stopped.1 December Manila, Philippines Rizal Day bombings : A wave of six blasts in the Philippine capital of Manila left a total of twenty-two people dead and about 100 injured.On 2 August, two men were arrested and implicated in connection with all of these bombings.1 July 26 0 19 Jolo Island, christian sereinig bauer sucht frau Philippines Abu Sayyaf grenade attack on Jolo café injures 18; grenade attack on cathedral injures.His partner, Yolanda Hamilton was also injured in the attack.Several other bombs exploded nearby at the same time.
1 September 4 0 8 Barrancabermeja, Colombia : A bomb exploded in Barrancabermeja's commercial district, injuring four policemen, two security guards and two civilians.
1 November 12 0 1 Pemba Island, Tanzania : Masoud Muhammad Shambi, a government election official, was injured in a bomb attack targeting.Note: The Leninist Guerrillas Troops of the Turkish Communist Labor Party/Leninists (tkep/L) claimed responsibility for the attack as their "answer to the military operation against the revolutionary prisoners in Turkey." They also stated, "Take up arms against Fascism." The communiqué with the claim of responsibility.Both incidents were in Gulu, which is situated in Northern Uganda near the LRA's stronghold.1 April 7 0 16 Lahore, Pakistan: A bomb planted on a fruit crate exploded in Medina Chowk, a large bus terminal in Lahore.1 February Unknown Villa del Rosario-El Salado, Bolívar Department, Colombia El Salado Massacre Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia militants they execute the El Salado Massacre, killing more than 60 people.1 April 20 3 35 Kashmir, India: Suicide bomb attack in Kashmir kills bomber, injures.At least one of the suspects admitted his involvement in the bomb preparation.In their written statement, the group writes, "the government and developers are mad with greed and there will be no limit to what they destroy until we take away the profit from their schemes." 1 Date Dead Injured Location and description May 1.It is unclear if the two bombings were coordinated.Neither the perpetrators nor the motivation for the attack has been determined, however, People Against Gangsterism and Drugs is suspected.