Rick Santorum's (R-PA) communications director crossed the sexkontakte im internet line.
"I think you're going to private fickdates see that in this Abramoff thing that's coming out right now he added.
"And my personal life had nothing to do with anyone in the White House or in the Bush Administration.".And what gay people are going to go and work for Republicans, because of er sucht ihn erotik münchen the fear of being outed?" "It's identity politics he said."I look at the case of the congressman from Virginia, and I'm not entirely clear of all of the elements of the case that it seems like he was voting one way in Congress and living another way in his personal life Gannon told.John Aravosis, of Americablog, and Pam Spaulding, of Pam's House Blend, pulled out of the forum after raising concerns that the forum's creators were trying to steer discussion away from Gannon.At the panel in Philadelphia Wednesday, Gannon faced questioning from Rogers, a veteran gay activist who has been critical of the conservative's track record at the White House.But he said the outing of Sen."I believe the Internet is the most significant advance in communication since the invention of the printing press Gannon said.Secret Service logs of his visits to the White House, revealing that Gannon checked in on numerous occasions but failed to check out.
But with a man, it's outing."Dozens of times when you didn't leave the White House during the day.Never ever." "My personal life had nothing to do with how I got into the White House as a reporter he added.Rogers said Friday hes glad to hear he and Gannon share some common ground."What was done to Bob Traynham I think was despicable Gannon remarked."I wrote 500 articles for Talon News.Rogers outed Bob Traynham, Santorum's spokesman, earlier this year.