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" Ben - Hur 2016: On set during the epic chariot race".
Ben - Hur and Messala fall out with each other."Chariots of ben hur dvd sales Fire" 4:17.Citation needed To capture the thunderous feel of the race, the film crew attached microphones to the horses to record the sound of pounding hooves, and GoPro cameras were buried in the sand.35 In April 2014, Paramount Pictures and MGM announced that they would co-produce a new version of Ben - Hur, based on the novel, with Mark Burnett and Roma Downey serving as producer and executive producer, respectively.Retrieved July 18, 2015.41 59 Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett chose Matera as a location for Jerusalem, one of the same locations where Mel Gibson 's biblical movie The Passion of the Christ was filmed."Israel Screen Scene." The New York Times.46 A chariot track identical in size was constructed next to the set and used to train the horses and lay out camera shots.Retrieved "Daily Box Office"."A British stunt expert, GoPro cameras and chariots built like Ferraris: Hollywood remakes the legendary sword-and-sandals epic Ben - Hur ".
It was built partly on the back lot of producer Dino De Laurentiis 's former studio complex.
49 Matte paintings created the illusion of upper stories of the grandstands and the background mountains.10 By the late 1950s, the consent decree of 1948 forcing film studios to divest themselves of theater chains 11 and the competitive pressure of television had caused significant financial distress at MGM."CinemaCon: Paramount Places Bets on Denzel Washington's 'Fences Brad Pitt's 'Allied."Gal Gadot Circling Female Lead in ' Ben - Hur.Messala is fatally injured, while Judah wins the race.Wyler himself said that he did not remember any conversation about this part of the script or Boyd's acting with Gore Vidal, 31 and that he discarded Vidal's draft in favor of Fry's.Kroll, Justin (16 September 2014)."The new Ben - Hur gets better (and bolder) as it races to the finish line".Now You Know the Bible.

Suicide Squad' Threepeats at #1, While ' Ben - Hur ' Becomes Latest Big Budget Flop".
22 The writing effort changed direction when director Sidney Franklin fell ill and was removed from the production.