We all need a go-to grumble phrase, and here are two of Frances finest.
Its mostly used to declare chaos, a huge mess or something that is generally unpleasant.
I have to leave at 5pm to make the hure mutter concert for 7pm.
C'est quoi ce bordel, mec!What the fuck are we going to live on?Elapsed time:.Quel temps de chien!Sans déconner (sans dec cest vrai?Add a translation We use cookies to enhance your escort ältere damen experience.Understanding frauen suchen manner in mv this type of angst, the French use la douloureuse (pain / sorrow) for an emotional spin on laddition.
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Search quoi ce bordel in: what the fuck what in the hell what the frak all this shit bet the house on, what the shit what the hell what the heck, c'est quoi ce bordel faisons-nous maintenant?Add an open-palm, downwards motion with your hands, and youre good.You cant go to the airport with your pass.Dont go down too quickly, darling, be careful!On se voit à 19h au cinéma?Cest nimporte quoi Alice White Walker Bobo The French version of hipster, this word is short for bourgeois bohemian.