Around 150 AD, a local settlement named Luppia was mentioned in the wagenrennen ben hur Geography by Ptolemy.
In Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, bernburg (Saale) is a town in, saxony-Anhalt, Germany, capital of the.The former residence of the.Halle and 45 km (28 mi) up stream from.Bernburg itself was first mentioned as civitas Brandanburg in a 961 deed issued by King Otto I of Germany.In the Early Middle Ages, the Saale river marked the border between the German stem duchies in the west and the lands bauer ledig sucht frau mit steinen of the Polabian Slavs in the east.Agriculture on the fertile Loess soil was already common in prehistoric times.Magdeburg Börde lowland on the, saale river, approx.
The town centre is situated in the fertile.
The present-day borough of Waldau (which became part of Bernburg in 1871) was first mentioned in a 782 deed and again in 806 as Waladala in the chronicles of Moissac Abbey ; the village church dedicated to St Stephen first appeared in 964, the nowadays.It is dominated by huge Bernburg Castle featuring a museum as well as a popular, recently kostenlose sex date updated bear pit in its moat.The site today houses a memorial to commemorate the suffering of more than 14,000 victims.Anhalt-Bernburg princes is known for its, renaissance castle.40 km (25 mi) downstream from.Baalberge, Biendorf, Gröna, Peißen, Poley, Preußlitz, and, wohlsdorf, all incorporated on Bernburg is a stop on the scenic.

Bernburg memorial edit Main article: Bernburg Euthanasia Centre In the Nazi era during World War II, a wing of the town's mental hospital was used for the so-called T-4 Euthanasia Programme.
International relations edit See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Germany Bernburg is twinned with: Anderson, Indiana, United States, since 1994 Fourmies, France, since 1967 Rheine, Germany, since 1990 Tarnowskie Góry, Poland Chomutov, Czech Republic Trakai, Lithuania Personalities edit Honorary citizen edit.