Who is the target audience this time and is it the same as it was back in 1959?
Clarke and Jason.
The Departed ; John Carpenters grim, urban reimagining.That harkens to the spirit of films such as 300 and, the Bourne Identity.Ben-Hur is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned) for violence and disturbing images.Director, timur Bekmambetov is in early talks to direct the.Visually, the film is just as extravagant.The hiring of Bekmambetov for this job is a perfect example of how major studios will begin to proceed in the future.
Its a noisy, dull, thoroughly soulless affair built on banal dialogue, flat acting, and slapdash computer-generated imagery that barely looks better than your average Playstation game.Previous adaptations have always served as conversion stories pitched to the faithful.Hustons performance, however competent, is no match compared with Hestons heaving, oratorical gravitas, which gave even casual remarks the ring of Scripture declaimed from a mountaintop.But Bekmambetov went none of these routes.The best thing about the reimagined.Ben-Hur already has a storied remake history 1925s Ben-Hur: A Tale Of The Christ was a defining epic of the silent era, well before William Wyler remade it as a defining epic of the studio era in 1959.Vampire Hunter movie (he throws a cow!).The 2016 Ben-Hur is directed by Timur my escort lady Bekmambetov, a Kazakh filmmaker who, in addition to helming a movie about the slave-freeing president who fought a secret army of vampires, also directed the 2008 comic book adaptation Wanted.

With its history, name recognition, and opportunities for massive special effects set pieces, its the sort of film you can easily imagine being adapted just for the sake of adapting.