ben hur jesus face blacked out

I think it maybe didnt because if I loved Judah I might have been more invested in this movie than I was.
Everyone rolling their eyes when I mentioned it and going oh god, but its SO long and me just going.
On the one hand its so incredibly cliche, hero Ben Hur racing his pure white horses through skill alone, evil Messala racing black horses, wearing black, whipping them relentlessly and driving a chariot armed with side spikes.Holsteins were created through cross-breeding in Germany in the 19th century, so its appearance.Well, it really struck me when Judah is rowing and a well to do Roman officer sex kontakte bielefeld whips his bare, sweaty back and then orders the guards to send Judah to his room when he gets off his shift.Following that, Drusus goes to the Citadel and finds them as lepers, who are then released.Judahs hardships are many traipsing through the burning desert, denied water, forced to row in a Roman ship.It all goes wrong when Messala tries to persuade Ben-Hur to inform on anti-Roman Jews.Corrected entry : Look out for the prisoner being crucified."He should not be present as an actor in any scene of my creation." Wyler followed suit.
Lew Wallace, previously a general in the American civil war, wrote his epic.The smart TV suddenly decided to stop playing Ben-Hur after 20ish minutes.At any rate I couldnt understand.He grimaces in pain anyway - a touch of overacting perhaps.Corrected entry : Gore Vidal, who worked uncredited on the screenplay, has said that he wrote the scenes between Judah Ben-Hur and Messala as if they had been former lovers.Vidal, who is gay, has a reputation for writing sexually unconventional material.