The early days of the film industry was bordell attersee particularly hard on stunt people.
This version of Messala is struggling to make up for the fact that his grandfather was one of Julius Caesars assassins, so acting as an infamis is exactly the sort of thing he would have avoided in his quest for respectability.
Another easily performed stunt.
A modern recreation of a Graeco-Roman racing chariot.The scene was managed by veteran stuntman Yakima Canutt, who included his two sons in the stunt team."It was really important to find a way to make the movie feel contemporary says the director, who took some of his cues from nascar and Formula One races.Ben-Hur wants to preach, brother, preach, but it lacks the essential quality to do that effectively: soul).It accorded them low status and treated them as morally suspect, but it celebrated them for their unusual accomplishments."Who does this movie cater to?" he asks.A reconstruction of the Circus Maximus, with the spina down the middle, by the start of the 2nd century BC, Roman chariot racing was divided into factions: Red, White, Blue, and Green, with the Blues and Greens being the most important.Because of this, the scene has had a strong effect on how racing is presented in Hollywood films.The six drivers who are not Ben-Hur or Messala all appear to get killed or severely injured during the race, and Messala ultimately loses a leg.Stepping into Heston's shoes, Huston is keenly aware of the pressure on him, and the film itself, to perform in an era where cinema technology, film economics, and audience tastes have changed dramatically since the earlier "Ben-Hur" wowed moviegoers and swept the Oscars with.The race as its presented is essentially a way for the Romans to demonstrate their military and cultural superiority over the rest of the world.
In the Arena specifically states that no one was seriously injured during the filming of the scene.Although later years saw fewer deaths, and less secrecy, the legacy of studio spin-doctors and confusion between the two movies helped create a movie legend.The following is a chronological listing of the stunts in the chariot race scene of the 1959 version of Ben-Hur: Chariot flips indische frau sucht deutschen mann over as it rounds a turn, driver spills out.Andrew Marton, director of the chariot scene in the 1959 version, exploded at a press conference, telling reporters that 20 men and 100 horses had died while filming the race, adding Thats what you want to hear, isnt it?While I dont know of any hobbynutten in frankfurt scholarship on this specific point, its a broadly accurate statement.The race-track has a substantial spina down the middle, complete with dolphins to track the laps.A reconstruction of the Jerusalem hippodrome.Any way you look at it, this is not your grandfather's chariot race.The drivers were the competitors (even if they were slaves so if they won the race, they received the prize money; winning prize money because a way for a driver to purchase his freedom.

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Most of these deaths were hushed.
I turned and saw him up there it was like a slow-motion film.