A scene from the famous Chariot Race.
Colors are incredibly well saturated and those gorgeous Technicolor reds and purples are all that they should.
Shadow detail is often astounding.By the time The Greatest Story Ever Told and The Bible bombed in the mid-sixties, the handwriting was clearly on the wall, like some scribbled prophecy from the Book of Daniel.The transfer of the film is amazing theres no two ways about it, it hasnt looked this good since the first prints were shown.By genre (69164) (54614) (14756) (10996) (7684) (51085) (11803) (3884) (33053) (6922) (8168) (81156) (8828) (2584) (20667) (32610) (2054) (16499) (2840) (10050) (2210) (27752) (1486) (6169) (3959) (16032) (6500) (20196) (2279) (903) (13175) (5695) (27168) (36846) (836) (4781) (9027) (2830) (6094) (57153) (9345) (4399.Ben Hur : The Making of an Epic (58 min.) gets into the more practical elements of the films creation, and talks about the casting process (Paul Newman was considered) and the lengths Wyler went through to get the film right.Everything from the copious Roman foliage to the ornate grillwork in the Hur compound resolves perfectly, with precision and absolute accuracy.
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The film is also stunningly damage free, with nary a scratch, speck or other distraction in view.
Brand new: lowest price.98.99 Shipping, get it by Thu, Sep 27 - Wed, Oct 17 from Illinois, United States.Charlton Heston, in his Best Actor Oscar-winning role, is Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish nobleman in Palestine whose heroic odyssey includes enslavement by the Romans, vengeance against his tormentors during a furious arena chariot race and fateful encounters with Jesus Christ.The X-Files: Season.99, Save.Game of Thrones: Seasons 1-7 119.99, Save.Judah Ben-Hur prays for forgiveness for wanting to race his old best friend, but race he does, and the elements of the film that are indelible have little to do with the old time religion.Judah agrees because it would allow him to go up against Massala.While Biblical dramas had of course existed from virtually the dawn of film, from The Robe onward, the fifties saw one gigantic production after another which sought to cash in on religious sentiment while making the most of widescreen huren haarlem facebook framings and multi-channel sound design.We finally are offered the full glory of the M-G-M Camera 65 process (Camera 65 was a 70mm format that afforded 65mm for the image and 5mm for the magnetic audio tracks).