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Mariposa, auto, body has been repairing your fender benders for the past 21 years.
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This section of the shop was used for stripping damaged sheet metal, along with frame, body and fender straightening before a car was sent to a separate finishing shop.Directions, ben hur amazon ca body, shop, review, body, shop, review Authorized.The business was located at 445 Saint Helens Avenue in Tacoma, Washington, in an ultramodern facility that began operations late in 1948.Local Shops, body, shop, address, body, shop.Mueller-Harkins Buick was a family owned dealership which began operations during 1916 in Tacoma, Washington.The lubrication department was outfitted with a large overhead neon-lit Buick Lubricare sign, two-toned metal wall sections, H-beam hydraulic lifts, overhead hose reels for different grades of chassis grease, and roll-around toolboxes for each workman.Our Professional Team, state of the Art Diagnostic Equipment.Mariposa, auto, body, serving the Sierra Mountain area for over 25 years, our Friendly Office, Come on in!
We are the direct repair shop for most auto insurance companies and are compatible with all.
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Todays lead image was taken on June 6, 1951, in the sales agencys new, large and well-equipped sales and service building.We provide services for Yosemite National Park vehicles, Mariposa County Sheriff's Department, Mariposa CalFire vehicles, Mariposa County School District.Share with us what you find of interest in these photographs courtesy of the. Give us a chance to add you to our list of happy customers.We offer state of the art technology so that your car becomes as good as new.