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Varios padres se ofrecieron de voluntarios para hacer de acompañantes y llevar a los alumnos al concierto.
WordReference English-French Dictionary 2018: Formes composées attend classes (take lessons) aller en cours I attend classes every Tuesday.
Sophie gilbert, The Atlantic, "The Queasy Verdict of The Staircase But shortly after her debut, Allison began dating Jesse Eisenhardt, her escort and fellow University High alum.
Truly wonderful lady and will return for a repeat visit.El recepcionista buscó a un escolta para que llevara a la visitante a su reunión en el área del edificio reservada para el personal.Quinn, Post-Tribune, "Friends, family remember former Griffith fire chief The veterans and their families will enjoy brunch in the DEX Diamond Club Lounge before being escorted to the field recensioni escort italia for a pregame ceremony.A student from the college escorted my parents and me on our tour of the campus Recent Examples of escort from the Web Demonstrators lined up to boo and whistle at the procession of carriages that escorted Akihito and the Queen down the Mall.1 noun escort e-skrt, updated on:, see What's Trending Now See More Trending Words.El convoy llevaba una escolta de varios destructores y fragatas.Veuillez m'excuser pendant que je m'occupe d'une affaire.2018 The popular politician left the ABC Steelworkers Union building in Sao Bernardo do Campo at 6:40.m., walking toward the awaiting police escort as his supporters crowded around him and tried to stop him from turning real doll bordell himself.Booked for 2 hours and the time flew.David anderson, The Aegis, "Harford voters still have lots at stake in Tuesday's primary election fter receiving a tip that some of the children were being sent to Cayuga Centers, a foster agency in East Harlem, NY1 obtained video of a group of five girls.Los guardias de seguridad acompañaron al alborotador fuera del edificio.
Ver También: Settings: Click on word: gets translation does nothing, recent searches: Links: WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2018: Principal Translations escort sb (accompany) acompañar a vtr prep ( seguridad ) escoltar a vtr prep, the proud father escorted his daughter down the aisle.
Il y avait plusieurs personnes pour servir les invités.El orgulloso padre acompañó a su hija hacia el altar.Abigail van buren, Houston Chronicle, "Wife endures verbal abuse along with loveless marriage On Monday afternoon, a few days shy of the 242nd anniversary of Dunlaps printing, the wrapped and boxed Declaration of Independence was loaded onto a truck, protected by a security guard, and.Edith va à l'église tous les dimanches.Le prisonnier était gardé tinder sex first date par une escorte armée.